Added WEN Hair Products to the list. Used WEN for Kids this weekend, Watermelon. It has Rosemary extract which comes from an evergreen which is where colophony comes from. Needless to say I was broken out in hives, blisters, and itching. Had to wash where ever my long hair touched and my hair twice. Advertisements

Guar gum is used in pastry fillings because it prevents water in the filling from running and wetting the outer pastry cover. It is also added to bread doughs since it increases the ‘yield’ of the dough by retaining water. It can also be used in dairy products to maintain the consistency of milkshakes, yogurt, […]

Tara gum comes from the tara plant (Caesalpina spinosa), a small, leguminous tree or thorny shrub native to Peru. Tara gum is a white or beige powder that is nearly odorless, and is produced by separating and grinding the endosperm of the tara plant. Less viscous than guar gum of the same concentration, tara gum […]

Locust Bean Gum is also known as Carob gum or Carob bean gum. It is a vegetable gum sourced from the carob tree. Locust bean gum is most often found in a white/ yellow powder form that is dispersible in hot or cold water. It is converted to a gel with the addition of sodium […]

Colophony (rosin). Abietic acid. Abietic alcohol. Abitol. Colophonium. Dercolyte ZS. Dertomal 18. Dertophene 18. Foral 105. Gum rosin. Granolite SG. Hercolyn D. Methylabietate alcohol. Resina terebinthinae. Rosin gum. Staybelite 10. Tall oil. Wood rosin. Pentalyn. Balsam of Peru. Dihydroabietyl alcohol. Pine resin. Nutmeg. Paprika. Mace. Clive. Polyethylene. Polythene. 4-tert- butylphenol formaldehyde resin. 4-(1,1-dimethylethyl) phenol. Formaldehyde […]

Colophony is hidden in foods and drinks as ester gum. Citrus fruits are coated with it. Most soft drinks and flavored vitamin waters contain it. Ester gum works to make sure emulsions don’t separate. Read food ingredient labels. I have been having the same problem with my lips for years and, until recently, I didn’t […]

I am still learning every day. I have learned if it is in the food more than once, I react more than if it is only in there once and the ingredient list is more pure. An example: The majority of ice creams have long lists of ingredients. Most of those lists include some type […]